Welcome to the Picture Car Registry

A place to register your Car, Pick-up, Bike, Boat or Plane for use in Feature Films, TV Series, Pilots, Commercials, Photography

Earn between $250 & $650+ a day
100% of ALL MONIES paid directly to the OWNER

BC's #1 Source of PRIVATELY & COMMERCIALLY OWNED vehicles and equipment
Available for rent as PICTURE VEHICLES

A sample of the REGISTERED vehicles

What is a PICTURE CAR?

A picture car is any vehicle you see IN the movie. Whether it’s a car, pick-up, boat, farm tractor, construction equipment, logging equipment , a helicopter or a plane. If it’s in the movie or TV Series it was rented from someone like you. Whether parked or driving the production has to have control over every aspect of the film including all of the vehicles & equipment in the background.

Will my vehicle be insured?

YES, your vehicle or equipment is being rented as props & set decoration and is covered under the productions insurance and a Certificate of Insurance will be issued to you upon request.



What do they need?

They need Cars, Pick-ups, Motorcycles, Boats, RV’s, Trailers, Airplanes, Helicopters, and all sorts of Commercial, Construction, Mining, & Forestry Equipment.

They need these to be in all sorts of conditions from brand new to vintage, in perfect condition & in beater condition, Factory Stock to Fully Customized.

In short they need EVERYTHING!!!